And so it begins

First and foremost I would like to welcome you to the new website and thank you for stopping by. This site has been a long time dream for me and I am excited to finally see it come to life.

As a fan of ALL types of motorized fun one of the things I find disheartening is the lines drawn between the enthusiast of the different types of rides. Sure, I get the friendly competition between the Mustang and Camaro guys as this is part of the fun. However, I have witnessed pure hate and disrespect for enthusiast that like different rides. As most of you know, there is a love-hate relationship between guys that rock the big V-8’s vs the V-6 guys. Heck, I drive a 2015 Mustang and my newest baby is a 1966 Chevy Step-Side. Oh, I have a Honda Goldwing in my garage as well. I am a fan of ALL cool rides. I am brand agnostic.

My hopes for is that it will provide a place for all enthusiasts to come together and share the passion of the ride. We might be a fan of different forms of rides, but we share a passion. A passion that only a true enthusiast can understand.

I look forward to seeing this site grow and friendships develop.


David Showers